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Telecom Training by ASBK

Those in the telecommunications field must participate in telecom training courses in order to stay on top of the latest trends. Technology is always evolving, and the telecommunications industry is no exception. With so many media outlets depending on telecommunication, it’s essential that employees in the field stay ahead of the curve and understand how to maximize this technology to its full potential.

Asbk provides high-quality telecommunications training programs, seminars and for individuals, corporations, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and small businesses.

Our telecom training courses and programs do follow a detailed format that includes:

  • High-level overview of key topics
  • Case studies, examples, workshops and interactive learning
  • Updated materials
  • Group activities, analogies, storytelling and real-world cases



1 1G to 4G Overview
2 Air interface fundamentals 
3 Spectrum for all Wireless Networks
4 Infrastrucature of Telecom
5 Passive Infrastructure in Cellular Network
6 GSM system overview
7 GSM air interface
8 GSM Mobile identaties
9 GSM network planning and optimization
10 BSS Overview
11 OSS Overview
13 IMS
14 Mobile packet core network
15 NSS overview
16 Circuit switching