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Solution for heat insulation

Amus reflective insulation

What is heat insulation?

Heat insulaton can be define as the material that reduces the transfer of heat. Heat may be transmitted between materials by the process of convection, conduction of radiation. Insulation reduces the flow of heat

What is reflective insulation?

Reflective insulation products consist of one layer of industrialized bubble film laminated between two layers of highly reflective aluminum foil to provide extreme resistance to heat transfer. The bubble layers are designed to aide in the reduction of heat when used in metal building the primary function of reflective insulation is to reduce radiant heat transfer across open spaces. The low emittance metal surface (usually aluminum) of reflective insulation blocks up to 97% of the radiation , and therefore blocks, a signficant part of the heat transfer. Camparion with other insulation

Common house hold Demo

The Scottish chemist and physicist, Sir James Dewar(1842-1923) invented the thermos flask(1892),\. The purpose of the flask was to store liquid at very low and high temperatures.

In our illustration radiation is reduced to a minimum by silvering the glass, generally on the two internal faces, so that the radiant heat waves are reflected. The low emittance metal surface of reflective insulation blocks up to 97% of the radiation, and therefore, a significant part of the heat transfer.

UNITED ROOFING with more than 10,00,000 sq ft of supply and installation all over India bring the most effective and easy to install reflective insulation. Designed as per Indian temperature big size bubble to have more airpocket high quality lamination and fines t aluminum foil to give you a complete solution for heat problem and with best installation methods to give maximum result.






1.On New Shed

Amus reflective cab be installed on the new roof and cladding while roof sheeting work is in progress both work is done together.


Since log of metal building is already erected without insulation. UNITED ROOFING has a unique way of installing the insulation material without distrubing your daily activity and as well as provide a fast and easy installation in your Factory with installation guarantee.

3.Cement Roof

UNITED ROOFING with is unique way of installing reflective insulation material has saved lakhs of kg of asbestoses been dumped into the evironment. The above pic demonstrated how as double layer of roofing with insulation material is installed with out removing the cement sheet and has fixed the insulation and fixed a metal roof . this stystem provides 3 layer of safety for leackages. Sound reduction. and high level of heat reduction because of insulation and 2inch air pocket between the sheet

UNITED ROOFING also does sound insulation for roofing sheet to reduce the impact of sound eg rain water tapping sound and dust proof on new and existing roof

UNITED ROOFING also does sound insulation for roofing sheet to reduce the impact of sound eg rain water tapping sound and dust proof on new and existing roof

Write up about UNITED ROOFING in

James Samuels of United roofing, who were given the contract for the renovation, said, "The church was constructed in 1860 and is built of stone and teak wood. When we opened up the structure from the up-perside, we found it was based on self weight, which meant all the bigwood-en blocks were piled on each another without anunt-and-bolt system. We all so niticed that the wood only slightly burnt on the upper side. There was natural oil coming out from the in-side, maintaining the quality of the wood.

work i almost done and the services will start soon. On November 5, we carried out a trial run. The speciality of the hangar made here in its roof, with a special ther-mal insulated roofing system by United Roofing Service of Pune, which controls the weather inside the hanger in all the three seasons."