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Company Profile

Company Profile

Asbk, the training service provider for the process and engineering industry was established in 2007. Headquartered in Pune, India. The company has its and partner offices in Mumbai- India, Dubai- UAE and Doha- Qatar. As well as operations in the MENA region. It serves over 100+ customers across 4 segments namely, Oil and Gas, EPC, Manufacturing and other process industries.

Asbk's training and development solutions are designed to help organizations and individuals improve competence and skills - core enablers of sustainable business development and competitive advantage. Accordingly, Asbk provides competency development programs to bridge the gap and enhance employability of candidates within a company.

Asbk has a proven track record, delivering for the world's largest companies and government organizations. Plus, with expert trainers that are experienced practitioners in their field, our training moves beyond theory, giving you valuable real-world insights. As a result, you can trust us to provide high-quality consistent training and development at every level of your organization.