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About Us

Why Asbk?

As an expert in professional training, we draw on our years of worldwide experience to provide effective learning and development opportunities. We make a difference to individuals, teams and businesses, nurturing talent and enabling continuous organisational progression.

Our specialists partner with course participants, identifying improvement objectives and supporting the professional journey.

A specialist team of 500 independent instructors, each a recognized subject matter expert, with a wide variety of technical and worldwide experience of more than 25 Years in their core sector. Each subjected to rigorous pre-screening and periodic re-evaluation.

Our curriculum includes 700, introductory to advanced training programs showcasing best practices in Management and Leadership, E&P, Mechanical/Electrical/Instrumentation Engineering and Engineering management, with topical, practical and relevant content covering the entire Product Life Cycle ranging from selection of Materials, Design of Equipment, Fabrication, Erection, Assembly, Inspection, Testing, O&M and Repair.

Course curricula and materials are constantly evaluated, Peer reviewed and updated to meet the changing needs of our clients and the industries in which they compete.

Expert emphasis on Implementation of training, experts call and review delegates for 2 months after the training programs.

Enhancing processes, systems and skills is fundamental to your ongoing success and sustained growth. We enable you to continuously improve, transforming your services and value chain by increasing performance, managing risks, better meeting stakeholder requirements, and managing sustainability.