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About ASBK

Asbk, the training service provider for the process and engineering industry was established in 2007. Headquartered in Pune, India.

The company has its and partner offices in Mumbai- India, Dubai- UAE and Doha- Qatar. As well as operations in the MENA region. It serves over 100+ customers across 4 segments namely, Oil and Gas, EPC, Manufacturing and other process industries.

Asbk’s training and development solutions are designed to help organizations and individuals improve competence and skills -

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Upcoming Training Program

  • Strategy, Risk, Negotiation & Leadership

    This course will benefit professionals who desire to learn practical high level leadership and management

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  • Automation & Controls

    Modern companies are equipped with sophisticated machinery and new technologies need careful handling during operations

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  • Boiler Control and Burner Management System

    This course provides a comprehensive illustration of Boiler-Definition, Specification & Types, Operation Burner Management System-

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  • About ASBK

    As an expert in professional training, we offer centers of excellence, providing the very best learning and development solutions customized to your exact needs.

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  • Differentiation for Talent Management

    An HR recipe for dramatic productivity improvement There surely has never been a better time for human resources to excel. With tighter fiscal control and a business drive for more efficiencyRead More

  • Making Training Pay

    Does training add value? If you ask any HR department all training function the answer would certainly be yes. Whats the same question to the CP or CF any answerRead More

  • Lessons in Strategy from Four Great Military Leaders of History

    Many of us have heard of Sun Tzu, Hannibal and Khalid ibn al-Walid but few of us have heard of the ancient Greek, Pagondas. How exactly can an ancient Greek,Read More

  • How Managers should deal with Unprecedented Change

    Don`t panic! We are all feeling the effects of the lower global oil prices and the rippling effects across the oil and gas sector and related industries. Some are seeingRead More

  • How Asbk is bringing a revolution in Training Implementation?

    Asbk's intelligent training programs which are crafted after rigorous industry research are a boon to companies and bring a much needed relief to the O&M managers. For all O&MRead More

  • Petrthensis for Drilling Engineer

    KAV, an ISO 9001 certified Company is a well known name in domestic & internationalRead More


  • As an expert in professional training,
    we offer centers of excellence,